Sub-1hr bike session: TT turbo

Follow this advanced-level bike workout and come race day you’ll be primed for a tank-emptying performance


This is an ideal early spring turbo session from Nik Cook to prepare you for 10- and 25-mile TTs on race day.

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It’s a tough session that’ll require you to have fresh legs, so take a recovery day or opt for a swim session the day after. For this drill you’ll need a turbo trainer set up with your TT bike.

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TT turbo session


20mins. Follow the 20min pre-race warm-up on the previous page.

Main session

All efforts in TT position and maximal for the time specified. Pace the longer efforts so that output is even.

3 x 15secs, with 4secs easy spinning recoveries; 3mins easy; 3 x 1min, with 2mins easy spinning recoveries; 3mins easy; 2 x 5mins, with 6min easy spinning recovery.


8mins of easy spinning.

Main benefits

Performance benefits

This session is especially beneficial for 10-mile TT performance. The 14 minutes of work should be at an intensity higher than your ‘race pace’ and will deliver valuable pacing lessons for emptying your tank at the end of a TT. Remember, without having to save anything for a run, you want to cross the line with nothing left to give.

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Mental benefits

The real mental gains are made when you dig in and hold that high output consistently for the final 5min effort. Manage this and you can approach a 10-mile TT with confidence.

Physiological benefits

It’s a great workout for raising FTP and VO2. It’ll also build strength and power in your TT position. To truly adapt to your TT position you need to train and race in it. Turbo workouts are a perfect opportunity for dialling your position in without distractions.

Adapt for Ironman

Up the number of efforts at each duration to eight, six and three respectively and allow 8mins, rather than 3mins, of easy spinning between each block.

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