Sub-1hr bike session: Build intervals

Work your aerobic and anaerobic systems with this 60min turbo trainer workout for intermediate athletes that will get you switching intensities for maximum gains

Joe Beer on bike training

Build through your bike intervals to work your aerobic and anaerobic systems with this 60min turbo blast for intermediate athletes that takes you from easy to max effort and back again, multiple times. 


Equipment needed

Turbo trainer, bike, bike shoes, bike kit, water/electrolytes/water bottle, power meter/HR monitor (if desired)

How to fit it in

This session will tax you so is best done on relatively fresh legs to get the most value. Prepare yourself for the fact that you might be sore or tired the next day. If so, don’t be afraid to swim or do a recovery ride/run.



10mins smooth spin, gently building effort and varying cadence.

Main session

3 x 10mins, progressing effort every 2.5mins as follows: easy/smooth – moderate – moderate/hard – hard. 3mins high-cadence spin between


5-10mins high-cadence spin.

Performance benefits

Learning to progress your effort and switch speeds/intensities – from easy through to max, back down and through again – is a great skill to have. It’ll serve you well on race day when it’s not always possible to manage effort evenly.

Mental benefits

Stay tuned into what your body is doing thoughout and really be aware of your effort level. Don’t solely rely on data from bike computers or power meters. Try to learn to use your own instincts – a crucial physical and mental skill to have that will pay dividends when racing.

Physiological benefits

Progressing smoothly and evenly through these intervals is a great way to test both your aerobic and anaerobic fitness. There’s enough recovery time to really build into the harder work, where the greatest anaerobic gains can be made. Keep your efforts smooth and controlled and focus on good form, posture and pedalling as you tire. Be sure to start out easy or you won’t be able to get the most from the top-end efforts.

Adapt for Ironman

Time permitting, you could increase each of the intervals to 30mins, progressing every 10mins through 70–80–85% effort. Build up gradually week on week.

(Main image: Jonny Gawler)


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