Chrissie Wellington on… How to fit triathlon training into a busy life

Britain’s four-time Kona winner Chrissie Wellington has sound advice for everyone struggling to fit it in


Work, family, social life – plus training? It can be difficult to fit it all in, but juggling balls is part of the challenge of being an athlete. With that in mind, here are seven tips from Britain’s four-time Kona champion Chrissie Wellington…


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Develop a realistic plan tailored to your life, goals and abilities (and never try to compare yourself to others).


Look at your life and weekly/monthly diary and work out where you have free time (even 30mins is sufficient to do a session).


Prioritise important sessions in time slots that are ‘always available’ in your diary to get the most important sessions in.


Train alone if necessary (don’t spend time coordinating with and waiting for others).


Multitask, e.g. run/bike your commute or run laps of the football field while your child plays a match…


Share training with family and colleagues, e.g. make sessions ‘family time’ by asking your children to bike alongside you while you run.


Adapt your training schedule, abbreviate and shorten sessions or drop altogether. Accept your reality and move on.

(Images: Jonny Gawler / Paul Whitfield)


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