3 high-risk strategies for race-day

Want to take a gamble and try and beat the rest of the pack? Try these high-risk strategies for huge race-day rewards



Do this: Start at the front of the pack

Why do it? Faster swimmers always start nearer the front of the pack. You may need to hold on for a bit of a bumpy ride, but you’ll get dragged along quicker if you can hold onto the speedy ones for a while. And, as quicker swimmers come past you, you’ll be able to draft off them – for a short while anyway.



Do this: Attack the downhills

Why do it? When you’re descending, it’s very easy to sit back, relax and let gravity do the work. Pushing the downhills means that you’ll be making up extra time where others aren’t willing to do so, generally through fear rather than lack of fitness. So brush up on your handling skills, find your nerve, hold it and gain that advantage!



Do this: Throw in some accelerations

Why do it? If you’re running with someone who you want to beat, increase the pace and see if you can drop them. The longer you can hold the increased pace for, the more likely you are to drop them. However, holding it for too long could end in tears (yours).