Zoggs at TCR11

New launches for swim giants down at Sandown Park


Fans of Zoggs will be pleased to know the swim giants are once again heading to the TCR Show (11-13 February), bringing along two Endless Pools where you can try out their range of swim goggles.


Along with a set of new attractions for the Zoggs Swim Zone that’ll be annonced very shortly, they’ll be launching two new products: the Zoggs Fusion Air and a polarized version of the popular Zoggs Predator Flex (£24.99; available late January).

The Zoggs Fusion Air (pictured) features a "revolutionary" cushion soft air seal that reduces pressure around the eye, ensuring you can wave goodbye to the notorious Panda eye. You have a choice of two nosebridges and comes in blach and white, with a striking pink nosebridge "for women". RRP £14.99; available late January.


Head down to TCR11 (www.tcrshow.com) to see Zoggs and the great and good of world triathlon.