Your opinion is needed for the UK multisport survey!

Over £6k worth of prizes to be won, including wetsuits, swim lessons and signed memorabilia


Can you spare 10mins or so to share your thoughts on the current state of triathlon? The third annual UK Multisport Survey has been launched to gather information on how many people are taking part in the sport, what kit they’re buying and more.


To make it worth your while, the industry has clubbed together to create a pool of over 80 prizes already worth at least £6,000, including wetsuits, swim lessons, event/show entries, signed memorabilia and magazine subscriptions –

The findings of this off-season research will be presented at the 220 Triathlon Show taking place at Sandown Park in Surrey on 28 February to 2 March – you can find more info and book your ticket here.


To fill out the survey, click here.