Win GE Triathlon Olympic hospitality places

GE Triathlon is giving two Facebook fans the opportunity to win 4 places each to their exclusive Hyde Park hospitality for either the women's or men's Olympic triathlon races

GE is pleased to annouce that, in partnership with British Triathlon, they have secured a hospitality venue inside Hyde Park for both Olympic triathlon events with places available for two lucky GE Triathlon Facebook fans and four friends. 


The Olympic triathlons are free to view events and local authorities are warning that huge volumes of people are expected to take advantage of this. GEs hospitality is within the park and although it doesn't offer views of the race course itself, it does provide a great opportunity to escape from a very crowded Hyde Park.

GE will be hosting BTF members, friends and family of the GB team and lots of other VIPs before, during and after each race. Guests will be free to watch the race live within the hospitality venue or venture out onto the course to watch it in the flesh. A selection of free food and drink will also be provided. 

Anyone interested in entering the GE ballot should visit the Olympic ballot Facebook tab on the GE Triathlon Facebook page. 

Please note the following before applying for the ballot:

  • This is a hospitality venue inside Hyde Park, 50m from the course. There will be free food and drink but this does NOT include a ticket to see the race, although the majority of the course is free to view.
  • You can either venture into the park to watch the race or stay in our facility and watch it on our screens.
  • You can enter the ballot for one or both of the races – this is highlighted on the ballot form. 
  • You will only be able win one prize (four invitations) for one of the races.
  • Due to a fear of overcrowding in the park, LOCOG has recommended to anyone attending these events to arrive pre-8am as the park could be 'locked down'. GE won't take any responsiblity if you're unable to get into the park. 
  • You may only enter each ballot once.
  • Closing date for entries is 5pm on Sunday 16 July. Successful candidtates will be notified directly.