Update: Camilla Pedersen

Danish triathlete remains in critical condition


The Danish Triathlon Federation has released an update on the condition of elite athlete Camilla Pedersen, who was involved in a serious accident while out on a training ride in her hometown of Esbjerg last week.


The Federation states that she remains in critical condition in an artificially-induced coma at Odense University Hospital, with two surgical procedures undertaken in recent days to install monitoring equipment in her skull and drain excess fluid.

It is expected that Pedersen will remain in a coma for a number of weeks as medical staff continue monitoring her condition. She remains on the highest possible medication levels, and hospital staff have indicated that it may take a “very long time” before they know the full extent of her injuries.


The Danish Triathlon Federation has also passed on a request from Pedersen’s family that they do not wish to be contacted for further information at this stage, and request that other athletes from the training trip are not quizzed on the sequence of events that led to the crash.