UK triathlon gets funding boost for Rio 2016

More than 20 elite athletes expected to receive extra coaching


(Image: Delly Carr/ITU Media)


The UK’s chances of winning triathlon medals at the next Olympic games just received a big boost with the news that governing body British Triathlon has won a significant increase in funding for its elite athlete programme.

UK Sport took the decision earlier this week after identifying triathlon as one of 18 Olympic and Paralympic sports with significant potential for delivering medals at the Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020 games.

As a result, elite triathlon’s funding has been increased by around a third to more than £9m for the period 2013-2017, with the majority (around £7.5m) to be used on providing extra coaching to Olympic athletes.

British Triathlon will announce its 2014/15 squad next month, and expects it to include an extra three to five athletes compared to the 17 elites funded in 2013/14.

It’s good news as well for the UK’s paratriathletes, with over £2m earmarked for the country’s Paralympic programme, ahead of triathlon’s Paralympic debut in Rio.

Other sports earmarked for an increase in funding for Rio 2016 include Taekwondo, shooting and hockey – full details here.


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