Two women needed for row across the Pacific

Team of four to race across the Pacific in aid of charity and to attempt record-break


Annabel Hancock and triathlete Laura Penhaul, aka The Coxless Rowers, are on the hunt to complete their all-female ocean rowing team. Their aim? To become the first all-female team of four to row the Pacific Ocean in April 2014, and in the process break the current speed record.


The trip will be completed in three stages, starting from Long Beach in California, and heading towards Hawaii and Samoa before finishing in Cairns, Australia. The journey will take approximately six months to complete and cover over 7,500 nautical miles.

The girls will be rowing for Breast Cancer Care, as well as working with The Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation (WSFF).

The successful applicants, say the girls, should be “100% committed to the team, particularly during the run-up to the row, head strong and can cope with sleep deprivation. More importantly, we’re looking for two women who are open to an adventure, and bond well with us as a team. This is about having fun and above all, enjoying every moment of being on the ocean.”

For anyone up to the challenge, the deadline for applications is Friday.


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