Triathlete finishes record 70 middle-distance triathlons in 75 days

Age-group triathlete Andy Stone has successfully completed 70 middle-distance triathlons in 75 days, setting a world record along the way...

Andy Stone

Triathlete Andy Stone set a new world record on Friday 17 June as he successfully finished his attempt to complete the most number of middle-distance triathlons in a year.


The Staffordshire-based athlete started his challenge on 4 April 2022 and intended to complete 70 middle-distance triathlons (1.9km swim, 90km bike, 21.1km run) in 70 days, which would break the record for the most done on consecutive days and the most done in a year.

He completed all but one of the triathlons in his local pool and on the roads in the area close to his home, with the exception being triathlon number 65, which he completed at Ironman 70.3 Staffordshire on 12 June.

When things go wrong

As is often the way, things didn’t exactly go to plan though, and on 9 May, having already completed 35 triathlons, Andy had to take a break from the challenge due to an infection in his foot that was beginning to spread. “The infection in my foot doesn’t seem to be getting any better,” he wrote, “and I can hardly walk on the ingrown toenail.”

After four days of rest and antibiotics he was well enough to pick up his challenge once more, though his focus was now on the record of doing the most 70.3 triathlons in a year.

Over the next 34 days Andy battled varied weather, an ear infection and fatigue, but continued ticking off triathlons, celebrating with over 400 people as he finished his record attempt on Friday 17 May.

“That was immense!”

Writing just after finishing, Andy said: “Guinness World Record 70 x 70 mile triathlons done! Most 70.3 triathlons in a year!

“Today was absolutely immense! The turnout was huge… a good 400+ people turned out to see me over the line.

“I’m immensely grateful to all the people and businesses who have supported me and will share more thoughts over the next few days.

“For now I just want to sleep and come down from that massive high. You were all absolutely amazing! Thank you so much.”

In preparation for the challenge, Andy had already completed 35 Olympic triathlons in 35 days and 17 sprint triathlons in 17 days.

The motivation for these challenges came from wanting to push his boundaries and avoid putting limits on himself, which he explained to 220 in an interview earlier this year.


Having himself battled with addiction, Andy has been raising money for three charities: Mind, Alcohol Change UK and Humankind. At the time of writing, that total stands at £12,074, but donations are still rolling in and can be made here.