Nerves are high as Team GB arrive in Tokyo – Here’s what they’ve been up to…

Team GB triathlon has landed in Japan and is busy acclimatising to the heat and mentally preparing themselves for one of the most important races of their lives. Here's what they've been up to... 

Team GB triathlon arrive in Tokyo

The official Olympic 2020 opening ceremony has begun, as viewers are taken through Japanese history and cultural performances in celebration of the host country and history of the Games. The ceremony is broadcasted to millions of viewers, but the stadium remains empty of fans due to Covid safety regulations. 


It’s time for the official Olympic 2020 opening ceremony, as Team GB gather in a hotel room to watch it together remotely away from any potential Covid-19 risk in the stadium. A quick Zoom call to boost the spirits of their GB flag bearers will be the extent of their involvement in the ceremony this year. 

Young Alex Yee, only 23, is in Tokyo for his first Olympic Games ahead of the men’s race where he is said to be a wildcard favourite thanks to his strong run background.

It’s all smiles amongst the GB women who are excited to finally be in Tokyo a few days before the commencement of the Games. Note the new kit requirements attached to their arms, the Olympics promises to be a very different affair this year. 

Jonny Brownlee on a training run in the sweltering Japanese humidity in Tokyo leading up to the Games. The two-time Olympic medallist is no stranger to the Games. Looking good Jonny!

Athletes are given the chance to reccie the Olympic bike course in the early-morning heat of Tokyo. Nervous smiles and faces of concentration are plenty as they visualise the biggest race of their lives.

Team GB finally arrive in Tokyo and take a dip in the sheltered Tokyo Bay, the location for the race swim start.

Joining them is Olympic women’s team reserve, young Sophie Coldwell, who just missed out on gaining a spot on the team. Reserves must do the same training and preparation as the chosen athletes in case they need to stand in and race last minute.

Jess Learmonth and Georgia Taylor-Brown get in some last-minute hot run efforts at Team GB’s acclimatisation training in Miyazaki, a city on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu, ahead of the start of Tokyo 2020.

Jonny Brownlee tears up the mountain roads in the southern Miyazaki region of Japan, where Team GB have been training and preparing the weeks leading up to the Games.

An excited Team GB head out to Japan to prepare for the much awaited ‘2020’ Olympics.

Meet the official GB team selected to compete at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

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