Team Boardman -TRIceland enter WOW Cyclothon in Iceland

Two teams of four UK-based athletes - including Lucy Gossage - will be taking on the 1332km continuous cycle race in Iceland in June...

Two teams of UK-based athletes – including seven members of the Cambridge Tri Club – are taking on the 1332km WOW Cyclothon in Iceland this summer to raise money for Save The Children International.


The event, in its second year, involved continuously cycling around Iceland, starting at 6pm on June 19 until they reach the finish line. Iceland will be in 24-hour daylight by that time of year, which will add another unusual element to the already difficult challenge. 

Last year's winning team men's completed the course in just under 41 hours, and the winning women's team in 43 hours. 

All eight riders on the two teams are UK-based triathletes:

Women: Lucy Gossage, Esther Rodriguez-Diez, Sara Rogger, Emma Williams.

Men: Siggi Martinsson, Mark Tickner, David Brookes, Matt Chandler.

There will also be a live webcam broadcasting from one of the support videos during the event, so you can log on and see the teams in action.


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