Swallow wins Ironman 70.3 Jönköping

Britain’s Jodie Swallow has won the inaugural Ironman 70.3 Jönköping in Sweden in dominating style


Swallow led from the first. She was the first woman out of the water in a time of 00:24:18, and was 8th overall after catching the male pros.


On the bike she hung on to the top spot but fellow country woman Kimberley Morrison came close and they continued their bike ride shoulder to shoulder. Morrison made it to the transition first—but only three seconds ahead of chasing Swallow who had a faster transition and was first on the run course.

On the half marathon Swallow increased the gap and simply ran away toward the finish line. She took the victory in Jönköping in 04:19:19. Morrison stayed in second position for a while but was unable to keep the pace, she was overtaken by Swedish hope Asa Lundström who slowly but surely came closer from behind. Lundström finished took home a second place finish in 04:24:58, while Morrison rounded out the podium in third with a time of 04:25:20.

The one-lap swim was held in the spectator friendly Lake Munksjön, the flat bike course lead through the beautiful villages and lakes around Jönköping. While the two and half loop run was held in the city centre with crowds of spectators cheering on an exciting race.


Jodie Swallow explains how to cope with the crowded open-water race starts

Top 5 Pro Men

1 Dreitz, Andreas DEU 0:24:27 2:05:59 1:14:22 3:49:45
2 Van Lierde, Frederik BEL 0:23:38 2:09:32 1:14:47 3:52:40
3 Cunnama, James ZAF 0:23:41 2:09:02 1:15:54 3:53:01
4 Dirksmeier, Partrick DEU 0:23:36 2:16:55 1:10:49 3:55:55
5 Seifert, Florian DEU 0:24:23 2:09:11 1:18:08 3:56:13

Top 5 Pro Women

1 Swallow, Jodie GBR 0:24:18 2:24:59 1:24:56 4:19:19
2 Lundström, Åsa SWE 0:29:57 2:22:33 1:27:25 4:24:58
3 Morrison, Kimberley GBR 0:26:16 2:22:52 1:30:50 4:25:20
4 Bilham, Emma CHE 0:26:12 2:33:27 1:21:35 4:26:21
5 Montgomery, Julia SWE 0:33:27 2:32:10 1:33:54 4:45:14