Rugby Legend Rory Underwood Takes on Triathlon

Rory Underwood has found a new way to spend his time after a glittering rugby career: Triathlon


Rory Underwood, the all-time leading try scorer for England’s Rubgy Union team, has switched his attention onto another challenge: triathlon. He’s scheduled to race the David Lloyd Lincoln Triathlon on 22 April, the Southwell Triathlon on 13 May and the Woodhall Spa Triathlon on 3 June. These are the events in the One Step Beyond Midland Series.


“During my playing days I always regarded anything over a length of the pitch as long-distance running and so going for a jog was either avoided or done in sufferance,” Underwood said. “However, as ones playing days are a distant memory and the middle-age spread is becoming a reality, going for a jog is one of the most effective ways to get some exercise when you’re busy, but I do find it a grad to get myself into my trainers and run.

“So if it wasn’t going to be a marathon, what could be my challenge? I’d though about doing a triathlon but like anything new, I didn’t know where to start and didn’t have any kit. An opportunity to take part in a triathlon in London spurred me on to have a go.


“Now, rather than relying on vanity, my motivation is to prepare for the triathlon season and each year I try and better my time from the year before.”