Revealed – the Ironman Wales athletes who qualified for Kona

We name the 50 athletes who just secured their race spot on Hawaii's Big Island


Did you race Ironman Wales last weekend? We’ve got the names of the 50 athletes who won themselves a race spot on arguably the biggest stage in triathlon – the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii.


In all there are 39 men and 11 women who made the cut, with Hollie Cradduck the youngest woman (F18-24) after posting a time of 13:27:48 in Tenby, and Raymond Gray the oldest man (M65-69) after finishing last weekend in 14:10:34. 

Good luck to everyone named below, and don’t forget to follow all our Kona coverage right here on and on our Twitter page. You might also like to check out our exclusive images from Ironman Wales 2014 here.


(Image: Dirty Green Trainers)

First Name Last Name Category/Division Country Rep Finish Time
Scott Hill M30-34 UK 10:32:44
Howard Dawson M35-39 UK 10:43:52
Nigel  Merrony M60-64 Wales  12:59:12
David  Francis  M40-44 Wales  10:42:53
Peter Harrison M30-34 UK 10:17:47
Caroline  Devos F40-44 Belgium 11:38:55
Charles Pennington  M35-39 UK 9:55:23
George  Prewett  M25-29 UK 10:21:35
Tom  Mcglashan  M25-29 UK 10:26:43
Robbie Whitaker  M25-29 UK 10:52:56
Thomas Schmidt M30-34 Germany  9:59:34
Tom  Ward M35-39 UK 10:37:19
Matthew  Blagg M35-39 UK 10:29:14
Peter  Openshaw M50-54 UK 11:28:44
Frank Lessmeister M45-49 Germany  11:11:24
David  Rowe M40-44 UK 10:42:16
Funk Harald M45-49 UK 10:13:42
Robert Wilson M55-59 Wales  12:03:49
Steven  Hamerlinck M40-44 Belgium 10:39:49
Luc  De Jager M45-49 Belgium 10:42:31
Thomas  Srb M45-49 Austria  10:53:53
Neasa Canavan F30-34 Ireland 12:40:02
Mueller Gerhard M50-54 Austria  11:07:16
Andrea  Mason  F30-34 UK 12:12:26
Lynette Porter F50-54 UK 12:29:23
Amy  Ogden  F35-39 UK 11:29:30
Share  Forrester F55-59 UK 14:16:57
Sandra  Fontana F25-29 Switzerland 11:35:14
Frank Boyne M45-49 UK 11:13:10
Des  McManus  M45-49 UK 11:09:07
Patrick Longhin M35-39 Germany  10:34:46
Julian Sanderford M30-34 UK 10:26:07
Daniel Sims M25-29 UK 10:26:30
Robert Fletcher M30-34 UK 10:29:01
Claire  Shea – Simonds F35-39 UK 11:45:42
Mark  Whittaker M40-44 UK 10:01:02
Jill Cliff F45-49 UK 11:30:45
Duncan  Shea – Simonds M40-44 UK 10:21:39
Chris Bellamy M18-24 UK 10:57:37
Thomas  Hill M18-24 UK 11:11:08
Hollie Cradduck F18-24 UK 13:47:28
Catherine Hilton F40-44 UK 12:22:58
Luc  Vanmaele M55-59 Belgium 11:41:09
Alfred Johnsen M50-54 Norway 11:18:07
Raymond Gray M65-69 UK 14:10:34
Anders Nyberg M30-34 Denmark 10:16:10
Matt Langdon M40-44 UK 10:24:18
Stefan  Flachowsky M40-44 Germany  9:59:56
Nico  Van Der Westhuizen M35-39 South Africa 10:31:08
Hagen Bernd M40-44 Germany  9:53:53