Retro Tri Series returns for 2014

Dayglo socks optional (but encouraged) at US events

Retro tri events

Ever looked at photos of the first triathlons in the mid 1970s and wished you could have been there? Then you’re in luck, as a series of retro tri events is being held across the US this year.


There are 15 events in the series, each of which involves a 300-400m swim, 5-10mile bike and 2-5km run, and are all open to first timers and seasoned tri veterans equally. 

The emphasis is on fun rather than competition, so entrants are encouraged to wear retro-themed attire and generally enjoy themselves, rather than focus on personal bests. 

Given triathlon’s early roots, it is appropriate that there is at least one West Coast event in the series, the Tri-Valley Retro-Active Event in Pleasanton, California. 

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