Race report: Triathlon comes to St Neots

This just in from the Nicetri race organisers about the St Neots Tri last weekend...

This just in from the Nicetri race organisers about their race last weekend…
Sunday saw St Neots riverside park descended upon by 150 eager triathletes all keen to christen the first ever St Neots Nicetri Triathlon.
The sun was beaming as the first competitors dipped their toes into the Great River Ouse for a 750 metre swim, shortly followed by a slightly windy 25k bike around the surrounding villages. Once back in town the wind was soon forgotten as they headed out on a 5k run in the riverside park.
For many individuals it was their first time at a triathlon and, from feedback received, they’ll be back for more!
If you would like to try, the next event on 19 June. It’s Fathers Day, so why not buy him an entry?! You can either enter as an individual or you can do it as a team of three for a relay.
If you are interested and want to know how to compete go to www.nicetri.co.uk or contact Keith Ritchie (07539 213097).