Race a wolf?

Fancy racing a wolf this off-season? Timberland might have the solution...

On October 22nd, England Rugby World Cup winner Ben Cohen MBE will face one of the biggest challenge of his life as he races against a 60kg Timber Canadian Wolf to launch Timberland’s new Mountain Athletics footwear range.

Drawing its inspiration from Timberland’s latest TV Advert, the unique race will pit the two competitors head-to-head over a 40m track at Wembley Stadium to determine who is faster… man or beast?

Known for his lightning quick pace, Cohen has spent most of his professional career playing for the Northampton Saints and was influential in England’s successful World Cup campaign in 2003. He is undoubtedly, one of England’s finest wingers… but does he have what it takes to beat a powerful wolf? Or will he be food?

Timberland is also offering a lucky few winners the chance to race against the Wolf too.

Think you’ve got what it takes to beat the beast? Find out if you’re fast or food by filling out our online form or email us for additional information.