Quintana Roo unveils new V-PR triathlon bike

Quintana Roo's latest triathlon bike is said to be the lightest and fastest yet

Quintana Roo V-PR new bike

Quintana Roo’s new V-PR joins four other triathlon bikes in the brand’s PR series, all of which boast aerodynamic superiority based on the firm’s own SHIFT+ geometry.


The new bike is designed to perform better in variable conditions, claiming to have a slimmer profile and shallower cross-section for more aero wins, as well as keeping weight to a minimum.

Aero advancements

Quintana Roo (QR) says they’ve done this by reducing the cross-section of the V-PR fork and choosing a more traditional aero fork/steerer interface. You’ll see the V-PR’s form differs from others in the range, with a boat tail trailing edge to optimise aerodynamics over a range of yaw angles, as tested in a wind tunnel.

The frontal surface area of the V-PR is said to have also been reduced by vertically dropping and shouldering the seatstays. The profile of the downtube has also been altered and changes shape as it descends to allow for the smoothest passing of airflow.

Quintana Roo V-PR new triathlon bike in the wind tunnel

Leading Edge Absent Technology (LEA) is what QR has called its non-driveside aero chainstay, which has a triangular-shaped surface area that aims to encourage a cleaner airflow by prompting turbulent air to attach to the frame to avoid any unnecessary drag.

The V-PR has the newest iteration of this technology (LEA.2) integrated into its design. Main changes include an attempt to move most of the frame’s airflow up by adding more surface area to the point where the downtube and seat tube intersect, as well as removing part of the oversized chainstay’s lower section.

Plus, the V-PR is made from QR’s new light carbon fibre material – exclusive to V-PR – which aims to save on weight while not compromising on stiffness.

Speaking about weight, that’s an area that QR has really paid attention to with this bike. They reckon the savings they’ve made through the materials and frame design, plus the engineered stiffness, ‘make the V-PR the best climbing and quickest-accelerating bike in triathlon’. It’s a bold claim, and one we can’t wait to test.

How much will the Quintana Roo V-PR cost?

Bikes are available for order now and are priced from $8,840 for the whole set-up and $5,340 (£5,299.95 in the UK) for the frameset. Prices can also vary depending on components chosen. In terms of components and accessories, QR offers a wide choice so that you can set-up the bike exactly as you desire.

Component options are:

  • Aerobar extensions: Vision Pro Extensions or Vision TFA Extensions
  • Hydration systems: Profile Design Aeria Hydration or Profile Design HC800+ Hydration
  • Groupset options: Shimano Ultegra Di2 12 Speed (from $8,840) or Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 12 Speed (from $10,395)
  • Wheelsets: Shimano RR370, HED Vanquish RC6N Performance, HED Vanquish RC6/8 Pro, or Zipp 404 NSW Disc
  • Saddles: Selle Italia Watt TI316 Gel Superflow, ISM PN 4.1, or BiSaddle ShapeShifter EXT

QR also has an optional Fit Ready service, where they aim to build the V-PR bike for you based on your own personal measurements, cutting extensions to fit as needed, building armrest spacers, setting-up saddle fore and aft, and designing the optimal stack and reach geometry for the individual.


More details on the V-PR can be found on the official Quintana Roo website