Q&A with Euro Junior Champ Georgia Taylor-Brown

On 20 April, a little-known GB athlete named Georgia Taylor-Brown won the women’s European Junior Champs title. Itching to find out more about this impressive young athlete, we pinged the following Qs her way…
What were your expectations going into the race?
Well, I wasn’t expecting to win that’s for sure! My plan was to swim hard, not get dropped on the bike and to basically just run for my life! Top 10 for me would have put a huge smile on my face but I knew that top five got me selection for the Worlds, so I wanted that pretty bad but realistically, my aim was top 10. I know everyone goes into a race with the thought they’re going to win but I actually didn’t think about winning at all because I didn’t know what to expect.
When did you know you had the win in the bag?
When I lifted the banner in the air, that is literally when I knew I’d won. I still had this horrible feeling the French girl [Léonie Périault] was going to put in some insane sprint and get me.
What did it feel like to cross the finish line in first?
AMAZING, I’ve never lifted the banner in the air before and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do! There was just an instant buzz when I crossed the line to take the title. I couldn’t believe it and I just wanted to jump around.
How did you celebrate?
With a team milkshake, paid for on the British Triathlon card of course. And food, food and more food. Oh and some sunbathing.
Where are you based for training? Are you studying at present?
I’m based in Manchester and do my swimming and running with clubs and my cycling by myself – that’s a lot of me time! I do wish I had someone to train with on the bike because it can get boring and the views aren’t great… And I am currently studying biology, psychology and sport for my A-Levels and then I hope to go on to do a degree at Leeds Met University in October.
Tell us about your mentor Kelly Holmes. How did that come about and what did you gain from the experience?
I met Kelly Holmes a few years ago when I was on my very first camp with British Triathlon, and she had a lot of great advice to give that I will always remember. How couldn’t I really, she is a two-time Olympic champion!
What are your racing/training goals for the rest of the season?
I have my big exams starting in June so from now until then I just need to keep my training ticking over. I don’t want to get stuck into my training too much because my season doesn’t end until October, so I just want to have fun and make the most of having a work-free summer. I have a few European Cups lined up and then obviously the Junior Super Series and then hopefully a nice trip to New Zealand is on the cards with Sophie Coldwell for Worlds in October, I know it’s only April but I am SO excited!
And for the future? Rio 2016?
My 2011 season was all over the place to be fair and nothing really came together (but I wont bore you with that). I’m still only 18 and I haven’t really thought about the future much. Rio in 2016 sounds very inviting but that’s four years away and right now all I’m thinking is: ‘I hope mum’s making something good for tea.’