Post-Olympics glow and long hot summer fuel UK triathlon boom

Big increase in all types of race start during 2013 season finds study, including sprint, Olympic, middle and long distance events


Triathlon saw more strong growth in the UK last year thanks to the nation’s post-Olympics glow and an unusually hot summer, according to a new study.


The Triathlon Industry Association’s annual survey found a big increase in all types of race start (sprint, Olympic, middle and long distance) compared to 2012, as well as an influx of new blood, with nearly half of respondents joining the sport within the last three years.

It’s not just a summer dalliance either, with four-fifths training for more than 5hrs per week during the winter months. Contributing figures from the British Triathlon Federation also suggest there are now 110,000 active triathletes in the country.


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