Photographer takes an unusual look at Ironman athletes

“Most people who compete in Ironman are just everyday folk,” says Yorkshire-based snapper Keith Greenough, himself a veteran of many M-dot races

Athlete in Keith Greenough's 'Ironman Family' exhibition

A Yorkshire-based photographer has taken on the challenge of showing Ironman athletes as “ordinary people” from all walks of life.

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Chris, 12 Ironman finishes

The compositions by Keith Greenough aim to show the 25 athletes natural and unposed, and each one is wearing something that signifies ‘Ironman’ for them, whether that be race kit or a finisher’s bracelet.

Ania, one Ironman finish

All the people pictured have completed at least one Ironman race, and one of them has completed 76:

Peter, 76 Ironman finishes

“Most people who compete in ‘Ironman’ are just everyday folk – ordinary people who take on an extraordinary goal,” says Keith.

Peter, five Ironman finishes

“I wanted to convey this in my portraits and to invite those looking at them to think about what it is that makes these people challenge themselves to the extreme.”

Mary, 10 Ironman finishes

An exhibition of Keith’s ‘Ironman Family’ images has just closed at the independent arts centre Bank Street Arts in Sheffield. You can find out more about the project here.

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(All images: Keith Greenough)