Phil Graves’ favourite route

The current issue (241) sees Mr Graves take us round his favoured training route. Here's the link to his Garmin-mapped ride


Phil Graves kickstarts our new elite bike route series in the December issue (241), which has just hit the shops. In it, our resident top athlete/tri journo Nik Cook profiles Mr Graves about his memorable season and also why this route around Yorkshire has become a staple part of his bike diet.


Nik used a Garmin Edge 705 to document the 100km ride, which we’ve just downloaded to the 220 account at Garmin Connect. Through the magic of technology, as long as you have a 705, you can download this route, catch a train to Yorkshire and follow in the tracks of Graves.


We’ll be downloading all the pros’ routes as the series progresses. Click here to shadow the Graves.