Olympics: Post-race reaction

Here's some of the best quotes from the post-race press conference, and some great reaction from Twitter...




“Alistair crawled across the line 2 years ago. It was my turn today," – Jonny Brownlee

"I was surprised how good Javier was today, it shows what a great athlete is," – Alistair Brownlee

"The first thing I thought was what an idiot, getting a penalty, then I realised it was me," – Jonny Brownlee

"Can we have a hill in Rio please?" – Alistair Brownlee

"I like to think I can race again two weeks on Saturday, but I'm pretty knackered. I might try and do some non-drafting races in the US" – Alistair Brownlee


Thanks everyone for your support. Feel great to finally have an olympic medal… I really enjoyed the race – Javier Gomez

“We train four years for this and unfortunately it happens.” – Simon Whitfield

Not how I envisioned this chapter ending. It's been a remarkable Olympic journey, more then I could have ever imagined. #ProudCanadian – Simon Whitfield

That was one hard day in the world's best office! Thank you for all your support – I gave it my all today – Jan Frodeno

Most intense 1hr50 of my life- and I was no where near the front. Not happy with result but happy to go down fighting. – Brendan Sexton

Was an experience I'll remember for at least the next 4 years. the sports evolving. move with it or perish… – Brendan Sexton

I want to say the biggest thanx 2 every1 that was a part of that! I'm honoured 2 represent NZ & know I gave it all – Kris Gemmell

Most people don't know real intimacy until they have been on the Piccadilly line to Hyde park an hour b4 the brownlees take on the world – Daley Thompson

And Alistair Brownlee just strolled in for a 29min 10km. That's incredible. – Craig Alexander

What a great battle for the podium! Stunning 29.07 run spilt for @AliBrownleetri For once tri "team tactics" worked. GB kept bike pace fast – Conrad Stoltz

Perspective – You know the treadmill at the gym that goes 20km/hr max? Jump on that for 30 minutes & your still 53 seconds behind Brownlee! – Luke McKenzie

Watching the Olympic Triathlon. Amazing how tactically different the bike leg is from an actual cycle race. Brownlee Brothers look strong. – Mark Cavendish


Simply superb! What an amazing amazing day for the brownlees and British triathlon. Absolutely golden! – Chrissie Wellington