Norseman Launch Endurance Science Seminar

On Monday November 2nd, join this live seminar which will bring together scientists from all over the world to help you become a better and safer athlete

Triathletes jumping from the back of the ferry at Norseman

Ever wondered why they spray athletes with cold water before they jump into the water at Norseman? Or how you can optimise your performance when racing in hot conditions? Then the first Norseman Endurance Seminar hopes to answer these questions, plus many more to help make you a better and safer athlete.


To be held over Facebook this coming Monday 2nd November, at 7pm-9:30pm UTC, seven experts will each be speaking on a different area of scientific research. Not all will relate directly to Norseman, but they will all be relevant to triathletes taking on endurance racing.


The seminar is presented by Zalaris and Aker BioMarine and will be hosted by 220 Triathlon‘s Editor, Helen Webster. You can sign up via the Facebook link here. Plus, find a full list of guest experts and the topics they will be covering here.

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