New website for the young and bike-mad

Youth Cycle Sport offers advice across all two-wheeled disciplines


A new website has launched to provide young UK bike fanatics with independent information and advice.


Youth Cycle Sport covers all disciplines, including road racing, track, mountain biking, BMX, cyclocross and triathlon – anything that involves kids racing on bikes.

YCS Editor Mark Fraser said: “There’s a huge, rapidly growing interest in cycle racing from children inspired by so much recent British elite success.

“Many children and their parents are completely new to cycling, and there’s little help available for them to get to grips with what can be a technical, confusing sport. Youth Cycle Sport was conceived to directly address that.” 

British Cycling reports that increasing numbers of young people are taking up cycle racing in the UK. It currently has more than 18,000 members under the age of 18 – a figure which is growing 30% annually.

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(Image: © Joe Higham Reportage)