New Swimovate software

PoolMatePro software updated for both PC and Mac

Swimovate Ltd, developers of the PoolMate swimming computer, has launched a new version of their PoolMatePro software for both PC and Mac.

The version 2 PoolMatePro software has an easy to view calendar-based format so session can be picked out and viewed in graphical and data format all at the same time. 


Data can be sorted by stroke type and swim trends can be viewed so you can track your progress over time. 

The PoolMatePro offers swimmers details of the effectiveness of their workout, including number of laps swum, distance, speed, efficiency index, and the number of calories burned. The PoolMatePro is designed to help athletes achieve a greater understanding of their swim in order to improve their performance. 

Swimovate have improved the installation process and it’s now a single step rather than the multiple step version one install and they have streamlined the process for uploading from the watch, too. 


It’s available with all new purchases from and existing users are welcome to download and install free of charge.