More than the footballing elite

The FA's new facilities at Burton are open to all including us triathletes

Perform at St George’s Park, the world-class sports and exercise medicine, human performance and rehabilitation centre at the heart of The Football Association’s (The FA) new national training home, has opened its doors.  

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The centre is part of Spire Healthcare’s growing sports medicine portfolio. It will play an important role in the preparation of England football teams at all levels.

But it's not just the footballing elite who have access to the new park; all sports people, including triathletes, are offered access to state-of the-art sports science and training facilities, with the aim of helping them reach their physical and mental potential.

Included amongst the centre’s cutting-edge facilities are…

An anti-gravity treadmill
Incorporating NASA technology, the Alter G treadmill optimises performance by customising body weight to aid rehabilitation after-injury or surgery.

An altitude centre
A simulated high altitude environment allowing athletes, explorers and clients to train at different altitudes, temperatures and humidity to enhance athletic performance. The altitude chamber can be used to help improve recovery times, for injury rehabilitation and prepare for trips at high altitude. It can also be used to support general health, promote weight loss and enhance performance.

An under-water treadmill and dedicated hydrotherapy suite
Using the latest aquatic therapies and equipment, elite athletes and clients can improve rehabilitation and recovery rates. The innovative underwater treadmill with video analysis allows early acute rehabilitation and is a fabulous addition to the rehabilitation suite.

Biomechanical assessments
The biomechanical analysis utilises the latest in video movement analysis and foot pressure sensor technology. The assessment uses a wide range of tools such as force platforms, telemetry systems, 2D video analysis, speed guns, high-speed cameras and pressure distribution systems. Results may assist in rehabilitation from injury as well as alter training patterns and rectify problems that can have a significant impact on a person’s performance.

Applied GPS and heart rate monitors
Combining the latest GPS technologies with heart rate monitors to offer real-time information to help both athletes and clients understand their true training load and energy expenditure. In addition The ‘Bodyguard’ systems allows true measurement of recovery and is designed specifically to measure stress, sleep, activity levels and recovery patterns  in both the sports and corporate market.

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Perform at St George’s Park is centrally located near Burton-upon-Trent, which is 90 minutes away from London by train.