Lesley Paterson: I’m disappointed not to win Xterra!

British triathlete speaks to 220 following her silver in Hawaii


We speak to Britain’s Lesley Paterson, silver medallist at this year’s Xterra World Championship, which took place in Hawaii yesterday (27 October).

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Congrats Lesley, you must be so pleased to have reached the podium yet again! How was the race for you?

I’m defo pleased to get on the podium again but of course, disappointed not to win!

The race for me was not what I’d hoped for. I had a great swim and hit the bike with confidence but just didn’t have the legs.

I knew it from the start – they felt heavy, tired and not the fresh sparky muscles I’ve had in past. I managed to resurrect it on the run but not without a whole lot of self talk!

How did it compare to other Worlds races in previous years?

At the last Worlds I felt invincible, light, nimble and excited. This year was the polar opposite! I think it’s just been a long hard year and I’m in a need of a break!

How has the 2013 season as a whole gone for you?

2013 has been a great year. Lots of breakthrough performances. Enormous high and lows. From discovering an ability at a new sport (mountain biking) to the depths of injury… It’s been quite a year!!

How do you plan to relax and recharge during the off season?

Oh boy do I need a break! November will be off for me. Do coaching, sort out my other businesses and do other non-sporting things. I plan to spend time with hubby and eat chocolate!

Do you have a winter training tip you can share with our readers?

Take that break after your last race. You might not feel like it but come next year, you will wish you had!

Get back to basics. Strength work and technique in all three sports. Get video analysis and have a specialist breakdown that technique.

If you can’t do that then still video yourself at the beginning and end of off-season to see if you’ve made any changes!

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