Jonny Brownlee interview

Jonny Brownlee on his Olympic build-up


Last week, those kind chaps at Gatorade sorted some interview time with Jonny Brownlee. Here’s GB’s (second or first?) favourite for Olympic men’s gold…


Did you influence the choice of choosing a noted swimmer/biker for that controversial third Olympic slot?
We (Alistair and I) didn’t have an impact on who was chosen. We might give a small amount of feedback to the coaches but that’s it. It’s their decision completely. To be honest, I wouldn’t know where to start to choose.

What would be the advantages of a domestique?
Everyone’s going to be watching us as we’re the favourites. If someone goes off the front, they’ll watch us to take them back up to the chasers. So a domestique might be able to do more chasing. And they might help attack ourselves, being a third engine. Small things like that, really.

You won San Diego and Madrid. Any tweaks in training over the off-season to raise your performance?
I wouldn’t say anything specifically – it’s just consistency. This winter I started training in October time and I haven’t had a day off since then. I don’t have any super, super hard sets and then an easy day. It’s just consistent training.

That said, I raced a lot of cross-country and that brought me on a bit. And the altitude tent has helped as well. Stretching, nutrition, I look after myself – it’s the small things that matter.

What are your movements between now and the Olympics?
I’m racing Kitzbuhel [this weekend] and then I’m heading to Saint Moritz in Switzerland for an altitude training camp for a month. After good training over the last seven months, it just lifts you that bit higher. It’s also a beautiful place to train, which should be ideal pre-Olympics.

That’ll take us up to two weeks and two days before the Olympics. We come back on the Sunday and the race is on the Tuesday [7 August].

When we arrive back in England we’ll head back to Leeds. It’s going to be a bit strange and a bit boring. We could come down from altitude and race Hamburg, but I don’t think I’ll do that.

I’ll take it easy for a few days, recover from Saint Moritz.

When will you head down to London for the Olympics?
We’ll probably head down to London as late as the Saturday before. There’s no point being down in London too early – we don’t need to get used to the weather, we don’t need to get used to the food, time zone. I can’t train that well in London so as late as possible is best.

We’ll be staying in a hotel near Hyde Park. There’s no point going to the village and going back and forth. We’ll be able to train in Hyde Park better than the village.


And who are your greatest rivals?
The usual suspects – Gomez, Riederer – will be up there and you can’t discount a few of the younger guys like Richard Murray and Mario Mola.