Joe Friel heads to the UK

Coaching seminar with the legend in April

220’s Joe Friel is heading to the UK this April for an exclusive coaching seminar in London. The seminar is entitled Joe Friel’s 10 Rules for Better Racing. It will take place at Bespoke Cycling’s new flagship store on Farringdon Road, North London, on Sunday 17 April 2011 from 1.30pm-3.30pm. There will be a limited number of seats available. As this is one of the few times Joe Friel will be in the UK this year it is advisable to book early. There will be no admittance on the day.


The talk is aimed at triathletes, cyclists and runners, who can all gain from Joe Friel’s experience and knowledge. Joe Friel’s 10 Rules for Better Racing are the principles he uses in coaching serious athletes. They have been developed and refined over 30 years of coaching with athletes from novice to Olympian. If you have high goals for your 2011 season you’ll come away with many new ideas on how to make them happen. Joe’s purpose in this seminar is to help you grow as an athlete and have your best races ever.


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