Joe Beer’s 2012 Training Plan: Pt 3

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Whether you’re a tri newby, a mid-level athlete or a veteran who wants some inspiration, you’ll find something here to help. Don’t be fooled by the ‘Back to Basics’ title – this isn’t just for beginners and will help every triathlete improve their performance.
This part of Joe Beer’s training plan follows on from the previous 12-week plans, and is split into three four-week blocks, according to where you are in your season. So if, for example, you’re tapering down for your first race, then use part two: the taper plan. But don’t worry! We’re not leaving you without after that; there’ll be another plan on the way soon.
The plan works in conjunction with 220 Triathlon, where many of the sessions featured here have been – or will be – explained in full. The series started in issue 267 but you can download part one here and download part two of your plan here.
Should you miss a session, don’t panic! Simply replace the missed sessions with ones that you’re weaker in.

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