Ironman buyout reaction: Entry fees, tattoos and feed stations

We look at social media’s pithy remarks on the biggest corporate deal in triathlon


No sooner had Ironman revealed its new owner this morning than the comments started flying in on social media.


>>> Ironman bought by China’s Dalian Wanda group for $650

No surprise really – it’s triathlon’s biggest corporate deal yet, and involves arguably the sport’s biggest player, a brand that has gone from a handful of endurance enthusiasts in Hawaii to a global business worth $650m.

So what do triathletes and other commentators think? Well some are (understandably) concerned this might lead to a rise in entry prices:

Others wonder if there will be a change at feed stations:

And Joe Richer hopes it doesn’t mean any changes for the famous finish line chute salute:

More than one reader thinks it’ll be ‘business as usual’:

Killian Long points out there’s still a long way for triathlon to go in China:

Tony Ball hopes the live coverage will benefit:

Finally, Tim Tansley says now might be the time to start investing in tattoo removal firms:

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