Iñaki de la Parra: ‘The Bull’ fights to remain champion

The reigning Ultraman UK champion explains to Katrina Roy how he’s pushing himself even harder for a second taste of glory...

This year, Iñaki de la Parra is preparing to battle against many in the pursuit of more titles. He’s already creating sporting history after being the first Mexican to win an Ultraman competition, and setting a new overall course record of 25:17:12, in his first attempt at the UK’s men’s Ultraman championship (10 km swim/145 km cross-country bike/85km double marathon).


By being crowned champion at the UK competition last year, he’s now been invited to participate in Ultraman Canada and said that he’s “not going to settle for anything other than first place,” but adds that he’ll have to watch out for his main rival competitor: Brazil’s Alexandre Ribeiro.

Iñaki is currently training towards some of the biggest Ultraman competitions. He’s hoping to take part (and win) the Ultraman World Championships in Hawaii (ultramanlive.com) by 2016, and is set to compete in the new Ultraman Florida.

The Mexican star, 29 and hailing from Mexico City, mentally and physically prepares by training in a variety of environments and weather conditions, from the dry Canadian desert to the cold winds and rain in the UK. He says doing this readies him to potentially compete in any country at a good consistent standard.

Multi-discipline racing

Part of his training is to also take part in other competitions. Recently he went to the marathon of Fort Lauderdale in Florida, taking another number one spot in his category (ages 25-29), where he received a total time of 2:59:20 at a pace of 6:50mins/mile. To help him build up speed, he says he’ll participate in Ironman 70.3 St. Croix and two middle-distance competitions in Canada in 2013.

Iñaki has earned the nickname, ‘The Bull’, as “he’s always pushing forward,” according to Lance Watson, trainer of Iñaki and several other successful triathletes and Olympians.

Lance said that Iñaki’s passion and motivation are the key elements for a champion. “If he’s told to do a seven hour bike ride, he will do ten. If he is told to do a 40km run, he will do 50km.”

As well as training and competing, Iñaki is also working with Life Sport Coaching where he trains upcoming athletes alongside other Olympians and world champions.

He says, “I would recommend that anybody willing to train should be with professionals, like Life Sport Coaching. You should definitely have a certified coach who has a lot of experience with athletes, but mostly a coach who can get the best out of your time if you have a busy lifestyle.”

The Bull’s ultimate goal is to be the first Mexican in winning all existing Ultraman competitions in his first attempt; although he also says, “My main purpose is to motivate and prove that it’s possible to take the most out of life when you work with passion, support and love.”


Katrina Roy is a freelance journalist based in Southampton. More at www.katrinaroy.wordpress.com or www.solentjournalism.co.uk.