Guess2Give goes live

New concept in fundraising launches

A fundraising sweepstake that allows charity donors to win a proportion of their money back by guessing the outcome of an event has officially launched in time for the 2012 Virgin London Marathon.
Guess2Give allows people to make a £3 guess on the outcome of an event. 50p of the money goes into a prize pool won by the person who guesses closest and up to £2.50 goes to charity. 
For the London Marathon, that means every runner can create a sweepstake around his or her own time. That will allow those who have already sought sponsorship to boost their target with last-minute funds from a wider audience, and will also embrace, for the first time, the estimated 20% of runners who run without raising funds at all – a significant group which has, until now, represented a missed opportunity for charities at one of the biggest fundraising events of the year.
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