Great Britain Age Group athletes dominate in Alanya

The 2013 ETU European Age Triathlon Championships in Alanya, Turkey featured hot conditions, a non-wetsuit swim and an impressive display from the Great Britain Age Group team, who dominated the medal tables in both the Standard and Sprint Distance events.


The Standard Distance saw the British medal haul total 37 (12 Gold, 14 Silver and 11 Bronze), with the Sprint Distance event being even more successful with 58 medals (20 Gold, 18 Silver, 20 Bronze), for an overall medal count of 95 across the two distances.

At the Standard Distance, Claire Hann (F30-34) was the woman of the day across all ages, while the Danny Russell (M30-34) had the honour of being the fastest British Age Grouper, and second fastest male overall, also recording the quickest run split of 32:31.

Of the 12 Gold’s won in the Standard Distance, three athletes – Manuel Maxwell, Beverley Childs and Hilary Stevenson – successfully retained European Championship titles won last year in Eilat, Israel.

In the shorter Sprint Distance event, the fastest overall woman was once again a British athlete, Heather Sellars (F20-24) who added to that the fastest female swim and run splits for a very impressive performance. James Wilson (M30-34 winner) was also the fastest overall male.

As with the Standard Distance, three British athletes – Jacqui Phillips, Steve McKeown and Joyce Mark – retained titles won last year in Eilat.

GB Age Group: Gold (12), Silver (14), Bronze (11), Total (37)

GOLD (12)
M18-19  Patrick Cutmore
M20-24  Samuel Wade
F30-34   Claire Hann
M30-34  Danny Russell
F35-39   Manuela Maxwell
F40-44   Jane Hansom              
F45-49   Maria Powell
F55-59   Beverley Childs
F60-64   Lesley Kernaghan
M60-64  Barry Jameson
F65-69   Hilary Stevenson
M70-74  Roger Kiernan

M18-19  James Briscoe
F20-24   Emily Whitmore
F25-29   Keira Murray
M25-29  Alex Lawton
M30-34  Andy Turner
F35-39   Deborah Coyle
M35-39  Phil Holland
F40-44   Larissa Davies
M40-44  Paul James
F45-49   Julie Tapley
M45-49  Peter Eggleston
F50-54   Joanna Crotch
F65-69   Sandra Abrams
M65-69  Richard File

F20-24   Louisa Downs
M20-24  Jonathan Yeates
F35-39   Parys Edwards
F40-44   Catherine Linney
M40-44  Noel Sutton
F45-49   Sarah Gunn
F50-54   Valerie Place
M50-54  Stuart Robinson
F60-64   Christine Glew
M60-64  Alan Woodcock
M70-74  Ivan Green

GB Age Group: Gold (20), Silver (18), Bronze (20), Total (58)

GOLD (20)
F16-19   Clover Murray
M16-19  Alastair Rogers
F20-24   Heather Sellars
F25-29   Samantha Anderson
M25-29  Jason Moore
F30-34   Becky Schofield
M30-34  James Wilson
F35-39   Helen Russell
M35-39  Jonny Mclean
F40-44   Rachel Bown
M40-44  Alan Cole
F45-49   Jacqui Phillips
M45-49  Steve Mckeown
F50-54   Jane Saunders
M50-54  Gavin Sword
F55-59   Joyce Mark
F60-64   Julia Hector
F65-69   Georgina Jennings
F70-74   Carol Killick
M70-74  Tony Walker

F16-19   Molly Mckenzie
M16-19  Kieran Hill
F20-24   Sophie Edge
M20-24  Samuel Woods
F25-29   Natalie Batey
M25-29  Andrew Jakeman
F35-39   Trish Deykin
M35-39  Robert Osborne
F40-44   Julia James
F50-54   Kath Blakey
M50-54  Steven Wigglesworth
F55-59   Jane Bell
F60-64   Wendy Read
M60-64  Keith Bate
F65-69   Anne Fish
M65-69  Michael Smallwood
F70-74   Peggy Crome
M70-74  Barry Johnson


F16-19   Isabel Steele
M16-19  Nicholas Haworth
F20-24   Gemma Scott
M20-24  Callum Roberts
F30-34   Diana Adams
M30-34  Scott Wardman
F35-39   Elizabeth Bullivant
M35-39  Gavin Chatterton
F40-44   Michaela Furlong
M40-44  Andrew Pownall
F45-49   Sarah Kerswell
M45-49  David Johnston
F50-54   Claire Bloom
M50-54  Lawrence Shafier
F55-59   Pamela Dutton
F60-64   Elaine Scott
M60-64  Ted Hamilton
F65-69   Sybil Davison
F70-74   Jane Askey
M70-74  George Vargha