Graham Bell to Race Challenge Henley in 2012

Five-time Olympian to take on this year's edition of the Iron-distance event

Graham Bell, former British Ski-team member and five-time Olympian is taking on the second edition of Challenge Henley-on-Thames this year. 

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The Ski Sunday presenter was at the inaugural race last year, and hosted both the press-conference and the pre-race pasta party and will return this year to test himself over the 3.8km swim/180km bike/42km run course. 

"As an Olympic skiier, I am used to testing my body to the limits and I think Challenge Henley will test those qualities in me," he said, in a statement released by Challenge Henley-on-Thames. "I have competed in triathlons before, but never longer than Olympic distance so to do a full distance race will be a fantastic achievement. 

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"As a resident of Henley I already cycle and run the routes as part of my training. This is an area of great beauty and I am very proud to be taking part in Challenge Henley-on-Thames."