GE GB team dominates Paratri Euro Champs

Jane Egan, Faye McClelland, Charlotte Ellis and Iain Dawson all win gold in Eilat

The GE Great Britain Paratriathlon Team won four gold medals at the ETU European Championships in Eilat, Israel. Jane Egan, Faye McClelland, Charlotte Ellis and Iain Dawson all won gold, and the team won a further two silver and one bronze medal.
Dawson overcame a year of injury, equipment failure and crashes during 2011 to regain the Tri6 (blind) title he won 2010. He said: “I had such as shocking season from start to finishing after such a great year in 2010, but we had a well planned and executed race today.
“It was my guide, Luke Watson’s, first paratriahtlon as a guide so he’s done brilliantly.”
Also racing in the Tri6 category, Charlotte Ellis won ahead of British team mate, Melissa Reid, but only after catching her in the final 100m. She said: “It was a really hard race. It was hot, certainly on the run I felt feint.”
She added “We’ve done a huge PB (personal best) today in tough conditions and the fields get stronger every year, Melissa is a fantastic athlete, so we’re delighted.”
Faye McClelland continued her consistent run at the top of the sport. The Tri4 athlete, who was born without a left hand, was delighted to claim her third European title in a row ahead of two strong Russian athletes.
The Tri1 category brought gold, silver and bronze for the GE Great Britain Team. Jane Egan continued her fine run of international success with another gold whilst Jimmy Goddard and Joe Townsend battled for medals in the men’s event.
In an exciting close race, Goddard and Townsend were always close in the race for silver. In his international debut, Townsend set a blistering pace on the bike and chased Goddard to the finish. The race was won by Spain’s Francesc Garcia.
Steve Judge was Britain’s final medallist with silver in the Tri3 category.