GB World Age-Group Olympic provisional medallist results

Team GB adds another 13 medals to its fast-filling pot

The racing’s still happening so these are still very much provisional and there should be more to come. But early indications show that Team GB has 7 golds, 2 silver and 4 bronze so far.
F25-29 bronze medallist Georgie Rutherford is also currently in fourth position overall for the ladies. While Ben Howard (M20-24) and Colin Dixon (M40-44) are lying second and third overall for the men.
2 DANIEL BAILEY, M18-19            1:59:57
1 BEN HOWARD, M20-24                        1:46:41
2 GEORGIE RUTHERFORD, F25-29            1:57:49           
1 GRAHAM LEITCH, M25-29            1:47:53
1 JILL PARKER, F30-34            1:58:02           
3 TRACY COOK, F35-39            2:02:22           
1 CHRIS STUART, M35-39            1:50:35           
3 RODGER WILKINS, M35-39            1:51:44
1 SOPHIE WHITWORTH, F40-44            2:01:18           
1 COLIN DIXON, M40-44            1:46:54
1 RUTH HUTTON, M45-49            2:03:21           
3 GAIL KING, M45-49            2:05:52
2 BARRY JAMESON, M55-59            2:00:32