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Garmin integrates with world’s first metabolism measurement device

The first at-home metabolism measuring breath device teams up with Garmin, so users can optimise their workouts with the right nutrition

What is Lumen?

A small, handheld device, the Lumen works by analysing the body’s carbon dioxide concentration when the user breathes into it. This measurement occurs instantly, with the data appearing on a linked app which breaks down all you need to know about the body’s efficiency in terms of optimising the fats and carbohydrates it consumes.


The Lumen is the first of its kind outside of a lab environment, the analysis it makes can inform the user of the type of fuel their body is using to create energy. The information provided can then be used to give insight on the optimum time to eat in relation to exercise, and the optimum ratio of fats to carbs best suited to the individual user’s metabolism, all of which should result in improved performance.

How does the Lumen work with Garmin?

Garmin users will be able to compare the data provided by the device alongside their workout recorded on their Garmin, this will show the metabolic impact of their workout in the form of personalised performance analysis. With this new data, users can then learn how best to fuel themselves for the sessions to get the best results and work towards their goals.

Garmin performance data will be accessibly via the Lumen app, this includes ‘Body Battery’ and heart rate to measure how the body shifts from burning fat to carbohydrate during a session. Users can learn how to efficiently shift from carb to fat burning as part of encouraging a flexible metabolism.

Global product lead for Garmin Health, Travis Johnson, says: “Proper nutrition is just as essential as your workout routine, whether you’re just getting started on your fitness journey or training for a triathlon… the combination of real-time metabolic data from Lumen and biometric data from Garmin is a powerful tool that lets you make informed decisions about how to fuel your body and achieve your fitness goals faster.”



Find out more at lumen.me or get your own from Amazon today.