Gallery: Engadin Swimrun 2014

Check out these stunning photos from a unique aquathlon in the Swiss Alps called the Engadin Swimrun and covering 52km of rocky terrain

Engadin Swimrun 2014

Like the sound of an aquathlon in the Swiss Alps? Check out these photos from the first spectacular edition of the Engadin Swimrun, held in the Swiss Alps last weekend and involving a a mix of trail running and swimming over 52km in mountainous terrain.



1. Björn Englund (SWE) & Paul Krochak (CAN), Team Head Swimming: 06:28:10
2. Mike Thoren (SWE) & Jesper Svensson (SWE), Team Enervit Sweden: 07:00:15
3. Klas Wiréhn (SWE) & Henrik Wahlberg (SWE), Team SurfSpot: 07:24:35


1. Carolin Holmqvist (SWE) & Lelle Moberg (SWE), Team Säkra Stockholm Öst AB: 07:07:29
2. Laetitia Pibis (FRA) & Gerald Hofstadler (AUT), Team Irgendwie & Sowieso: 07:44:39
3. Lucie Croissant (FRA) & JC Kunz (FRA), Team Adidas Triatl Aix: 08:03:22


1. Hanna Slotte (SWE) & Natalia Muller (SUI), Team two single ladies: 08:34:36

Complete results here.


(All images: Jakob Edholm)