Free training plans

TriLife are giving away free programmes to sprint triathletes are offering a free training programme for first time and novice triathletes taking part in a sprint triathlon.
WhilE primarily aimed at competitors in the forthcoming 7Oaks Triathlon to be held on Sunday 29 April 2012, the programme is available to anyone and would be excellent preparation for most sprint races.
Liz Scott, director of, said, “We’ve designed the training programme to prepare athletes for the specific challenges of the 7Oaks Triathlon. In addition to developing their fitness, this free programme will guide novice athletes through other aspects of preparation – for example, practising drinking on the bike, how to taper during race week, and so on.”
The programme is delivered online using Trainingpeaks – the ultimate training programme delivery software. 
Sessions are also emailed daily so no scraps of paper to carry around!
Finally, athletes will have access to an online training diary so that they can track and analyse their training and monitor progress.
The free programme can be activated by following this link to the 7Oaks triathlon complimentary training programme.
The highly qualified coaching team has exceptional, world-class experience and includes Richard Jones, Dan Salcedo, Bill Black and Andrea Whitcombe.