Flora Duffy to race 70.3

In an exclusive interview with the reigning Olympic champion, Flora Duffy reveals that she plans to qualify for the 2022 World 70.3 Championship


In an exclusive interview with the reigning Olympic, world, Xterra and Commonwealth champion, Flora Duffy revealed to 220 how she “definitely [has] some aspirations for the 70.3 distance this year”.


Speaking to us across a Teams video call from her training base in Stellenbosch, the 34-year-old Bermudan also reassured her fans that she would still be racing short-course in 2022:

“My main focus is on the WTCS [World Triathlon Championship Series] and Commonwealths [Games, in Birmingham], but I’d like to qualify for the 70.3 Worlds at the end of October in St. George. I’m looking at the calendar now, and it’s actually really difficult to fit a qualification race in by the cut-off, given my schedule.

“But it’s still a goal, and something that excites me. It’s important for me to do that stuff right now, just because it’s different, gets me out of my comfort zone.”

Read the full interview with Flora Duffy here.


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