First Look: SiS Rego Fruitflow

Science in Sport launch the UK’s first recovery gel


Science in Sport (SiS) has added SiS REGO + Fruitflow to its award-winning range. SiS REGO + Fruitflow, says the brand, is an innovative gel, the first of its kind in the UK, set to change the way endurance athletes treat recovery.


Here's what SiS had to say…

Available as an easy to digest recovery gel, SiS REGO + Fruitflow has been specially designed to help reduce muscle inflammation experienced through intense exercise, enabling athletes to enjoy shorter recovery times and compete and train to a much higher level than they were previously able to do.

Luke Heeney, new Product Director at SiS said, “Our commitment at SiS to helping athletes perform better through effective, scientifically underpinned nutrition has led us to launch this new recovery gel.”

Purpose: Recovery gel for intense exercise (to be taken before exercise)

Price: £2.29 RRP per gel

Flavor: banana and mango (one flavour)

Packaging: available in palm-sized 60ml sachet

Isotonic: clean in the mouth and easy to digest without the need to add water


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