First Look: Natural Hero muscle soak

Manna from heaven for the weary triathlete


To anyone suffering with post-exercise aching limbs, these four words will be manna from heaven – hot ginger muscle soak.  


A bath-time blend of rosemary, fennel, ginger and essential oils such as sweet almond (£10 for six 18ml bottles), it’s just one of Natural Hero’s revitalising products aimed at “superpowered recovery”. 

Boasting 100% (or almost 100%) natural ingredients, the range also includes a hot ginger muscle rub and a cool peppermint muscle spritz, the latter a spray that combines white willow, arnica, blue chamomile and black oat seed. 

As well as putting a spring back in your step, the range is also designed to appease your conscience. As Natural Hero say, their products are “tested on athletes, not animals”.


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