First look: Brooks Transcend

220 gets a sneak peek at Brooks' new release


220 Triathlon were one of a handful of media invited to Runners Need in London yesterday evening to find out more about the launch of Brooks’ latest running shoe – the Transcend.


Replacing the Trance from March 2014, the shoe isn’t just an update of a previous model but instead aims to provide a whole new ‘float’ experience it hopes will revolutionise the stability category.

The Transcend features a newly-developed structure that includes guide rails running around the outer edge of each shoe. These aim to provide stability while still allowing you to run within your unique motion path – much as the stabilisers on a child’s bike are there to ‘tip’ them back into place if they fall too far.

The Transcend also features the plushest of fabrics within the uppers, and is said to have more cushioning than previous models and ‘ideal pressure zones’ that aim to distribute the weight evenly in the heel, mid-foot and forefoot. Triathletes will be impressed with the choice of neon hues as well – there’s no chance of these getting missed in transition.

We won’t have samples to test until next month, so the jury’s out on how these perform out on a run – but expect to see a full test in the pages of 220 soon.


Brooks Transcend, on sale from mid-March 2014, £150 RRP.