Fancy donning an Uplace-BMC suit?

Calling all age-groupers – here’s your chance to feel a part of the world’s top tri team with kit, advice and more

Fancy donning an Uplace-BMC tri-suit?

After announcing their 2015 pro athlete roster, the Uplace-BMC Triathlon Team is now targeting age-groupers – would you like to wear the same kit as Bart Aernouts and Corinne Abraham, and have access to their expert advice?


For €300, age-groupers will get the complete Uplace-BMC team kit, along with a few extras:

Uplace-BMC team kit

“With the launch of the Uplace-BMC Age Group Team we want to intensify the connectivity to the team,” said team manager Bob de Wolf. “We want to share the experience and knowhow of our professional team with our fans and future members.”

To get all the details how to become an Uplace-BMC athlete head here.


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