Fancy a 10km swim?

New event for Lake Windemere


This just in from the Outdoor Swim Society…


Be part of the most demanding fundraising challenge of the summer – the Breakthrough Lakes10km at Ullswater in the Lake District on 11 September 2010. The first 10km swim aimed at the mass market, this event is tipped to become the aquatic marathon in years to come. Make history and be one of the first swimmers.

Ideal for triathletes and Ironmen looking to take their fitness to a new edge at the end of the summer.


With ambassador David Davies (the British Olympic medalist in the 10k) and Dan Bullock on hand for coaching advice, this event is from the Outdoor Swimming Society in partnership with Breakthrough Breast Cancer aims to get people in shape enough to not just finish it, but revel in the sheer joy of going for a nice long swim. Swimmers will do the length of Ullswater in the Lake District. Wetsuits an option. For more details, go to