Dedicated triathlon training centre to open in London

Rob Popper is a coach with a vision. We met up with him to find out more about Triathlon House, set to open in early 2014…

Rob Popper, Triathlon House

We speak to Rob Popper, a British triathlon coach with a vision of providing all the facilities London-based triathletes need under one roof.


220: So what’s the concept?
Rob: Triathletes are always juggling all the things they have to do in training and all the places they have to be, for example a running track, a pool, a gym… So I thought why not stop all the running around and have somewhere where you can do it all under one roof? Triathlon House will be just that – somewhere you can go for dedicated advice from triathlon coaches and to find all the facilities you need to train.

220: What will Triathlon House include?
I want it to be a desirable place to visit and train – triathletes are busy but dedicated, so deserve something a little better than your average gym. They key is in the name – ‘Triathlon House’ – we want it to be somewhere people feel at home and can train as well as finding that sense of community. Facilities will include a 25m pool, endless pool, video analysis throughout, turbo trainer and treadmill rooms, a pilates and yoga room as well as massage facilities and a great café lounge serving nutritious food. The site we choose will also have lots of access to outdoor space for training in, too.

220: What makes your training unique?
I like to have a more personal approach and look at the ‘softer’ side of training. I recommend a lot of yoga and pilates, complementary training methods, that kind of thing. We’ll run seminars at the centre as well ­– on everything from nutrition to core strength – all the subjects that triathletes are interested in. Members will get plenty of real advice, from experts.


Triathlon House is set to open in early 2014, with membership packages costing from £150-£500 a month. To register for more info visit